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Hi Everyone,

We were away this past week at Sprockets. And, we’ll be away next week because the University is doing some electrical work. No electricity = no show!

So, here’s a video from a couple weeks ago when we went to see Sho+Mo. Hope to put up another one later today or tomorrow…


Great fun today. I was joined in the studio by Leo!

EGGcerpt from Cantata No. 147, 1:46, Fiddle Fine, Chris McKhool
EGGbert, the Easter Egg, 1:43 Kids! Hopping Into Easter With Fern, Fern
Naps Are Cool!, 2:48, Rockin’ Those Blues Away!, Mrs. Dorothy & The Shaky EGG Band
From Ham ‘n’ EGGs, 1:16, Hip Hop Speaks To Children, A Tribe Called Quest
The Jolly BEGGarman, 2:31, All Around The Circle, The Celtic Rathskallions
This Little Boy Found An EGG, 0:24, Say Hello To The Morning, Kathy Reid-Naiman
Mon Petit Bonhomme, 3:11, Putumayo: REGGae Playground, Mousta Largo
Take me Home Country Roads, 3:19, Putumayo: REGGae Playground, Toots & The Maytals
Green EGGs And Ham, 7:23, Dr. Seuss, Presents Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories, Dr. Seuss
Have You Ever Really Looked At an EGG, 2:58, My Green Kite, Peter Himmelman
Six Skinny Bug LEGGs, 4:04, Multiplication, Teacher And The Rockbots
Lil’ Chick, 1:35, Sho Mo + The Monkey Bunch, Sho Mo + The Monkey Bunch
Easter Parade, 2:29, Drew’s Famous – Easter Fun, The Hit Crew
Here Comes Peter Cottontail, 1:42, Easter Bunny’s Favorite Songs, The Hit Crew


LIVE interview with Sho (from Sho Mo and the Monkey Bunch), and GIVEAWAYS, including Sho Mo tickets for Sunday’s show in Guelph, and Sho Mo merch!