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Hello Kyle and Maeve,
We are the Hazardous Players and we recently published a website entitled Knighttime, where every other week we upload a new audio episode of a humor/fantasy adventure we produce. These stories follow the travels of Sir Cottington and Sir Bratwurst as they reluctantly stumble their way through their various quests. With them, they carry the Henchwoods Guides, which every good traveler should have in order to identify the many potentially dangerous and magical creatures one could possibly encounter on any good adventure. The website is often updated with new entries to the guides, with art and useful information concerning the beasts and plants that inhabit the world of Knighttime.
With this fantasy adventure we plan on constructing multiply narratives using various media: writing, audio performance and art, (eventually video), to create a story that is an expanding fantasy for children and adults. Though we realize this is a nontraditional approach to literature, we do see that this could be a unique way to tell a story, harkening back to the time of episodic adventures on the radio.
We would be interested in hearing what you think, feedback is always appreciated.
The Hazardous Players

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