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Kyle’s been working in radio for more than 15 years. He likes gardening, cooking and woodworking. He lives in Guelph with his wife and his two kids.



Maeve is 5 years old. She loves music, fairies, and a good story!


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Hello Kyle,
My name is Neil Brewer and I’ve been a teacher for nearly 30 years. The first twenty years were spent learning with (and from) 5th and 6th graders, and the past 8 have been with undergraduates and graduates at Indiana University Southeast. I was invited to come share with upcoming educators after professors at the university discovered a book and accompanying adventure I had written for kids all across Indiana, which led to the reception of The Christa McAuliffe Fellowship.

But to the point – this summer I completed a CD for kids and the family that is a collection “all things school”, and I have been performing these songs as well as the poetry of my book, The 8 O’Clock Bell, in schools for students of virtually every age as well as for educational conferences and on the live theater stage for 7 years.

I will be sending you two copies of the CD “Neil Brewer and Friends are Back in School” and hope you get a kick out of it. I think you’ll soon realize that all of the songs are based upon true happenings that so many of us have in common, and I would like to share that 100% of all proceeds for this album are going to Harvard University Research to put an end to Muscular Dystrophy.

Here is what Harvard recently wrote about this endeavor in their newsletter:

The CD cover is actually a pretty interesting item in itself, because the seats on the bus are occupied by people from my life who have been life-long friends, fellow musicians, family members – or great inspirations to me throughout my life. I just asked them to send me photos of themselves from when they were in school, and noted here would be the girl in the front left seat – that’s Dr. Amy Wagers from Harvard University. She sent me her junior high picture. We’ve never met, yet she greatly supports this effort, as I most certainly support her work to end muscular afflictions of all kinds.

You can hear clips of the album – or actually download it at

You can also read performance reviews, my bio and much more at my site at

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the album!


Neil Brewer
Instructor of Education
Indiana University Southeast
4201 Grant Line Rd.
New Albany, IN 47150

812-941-2135- Office
812-952-3482- Home

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