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Here’s one of the stories from the show:


Have a listen!!

November 8th playlist:

  • “Animals Belong In Class” by Teacher and the Rockbots from the album Science
  • Alligator Stomp” by Jack Grunsky, recorded live at the Arboretum Centre, University of Guelph”
  • “Bigi Kaiman” by Samba Salad from the album Animal Playground
  • “Alligators All Around” by Carole King from the album Really Rosie
  • “Alligator Romp” by The Funky Mamas from the album Funky Mamas
  • “Gator Hunt” by Andrew Queen from the album Alligator Tracks
  • “Otto the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hippo” by Fred Penner from the album Fred Penner
  • “The Hippopotamus Song” by John Lithgow from the album Farkle & Friends
  • “Hey Daddy” by Anne Murray from the album “There’s a Hippo in My Bathtub
  • “L’Otorhinoceros” by Les P’tits Loups Du Jazz from the album Animal Playground
  • “The Rhinoceros Tap” by Sandra Boynton from the album Rhinoceros Tap
  • Books from the show:

    Thanks to our guests, Marion from the Guelph Festival of Moving Media and Jason, Pugbunny Expert. Talk to you next week.

We’re lining up some great guests for tomorrow’s show. We’ll hopefully be talking to Marion shortly after 9:00 about the Guelph Festival of Moving Media Kids Program. Jason will be calling in as well, with the latest news Pugbunny sightings!

And, we’re just putting together our playlist now. Alligators, Hippos, Rhinos, oh my…! Talk to y’all tomorrow.

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