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  • “My Yellow Crayon” by Woody Guthrie from the album Nursery Days
  • “Drawing” by The Barenaked Ladies from the album Snacktime
  • “Pictures of Pandas Painting” by They Might Be Giants from the album Here Come the ABCs
  • “Scribble” by Jim Cosgrove from the album Upside Down
  • “Flowers Are Red” by Harry Chapin from the album Legends of the Lost and Found – New Greatest Stories Live
  • “Paint A Picture” by Frances England from the album Fascinating Creatures
  • “Eraser” by The Barenaked Ladies from the album Snacktime
  • “Pink Piggie Polka Pancake Picnic” by Ernie & Neal from the album Friends, Family & Pizza


Congratulations to our winners! Katie, Rowan, Tilly, Hannah, Milo and Jerry! We still have stuff to give away. Listen next week!


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    Wise Words:
    From author-illustrators…

    Each child is an individual and should be encouraged to express herself in her own way. If you provide your children with simple art supplies and sit at the table and draw with them, if you read books together and ask them to tell you a story, they will understand that you value who they are and the particular way they express what they’re curious about. I always loved to draw, since I was a young boy. And I still recall the sunlit room and colorful paints of my first-grade classroom and the warm encouragement of my teacher… –Eric Carle

    When kids want to know how they can be an artist or a writer, I say start by having your own spot. It doesn’t have to be large or complex, just a place that is quiet and conducive to thinking. If they have their place and supplies all ready, ideas will come out when they’re ready. Just making materials available is enough. Wrapping paper, sticks, leaves, seeds: Art supplies are really all around us. –Lois Ehlert

    I think, especially for children, pictures are very immediate, and they understand how pictures tell a story before they understand how words tell a story. It’s a nice entrance into the whole process of storytelling. –Michael Chesworth


  • Guelph Public Library Kids Art Gallery
  • Art-in-Guelph Kids Gallery
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